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Badass Women of Amsterdam Group Storytelling Walk

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Shared Group Tour
Per Person 1.5 Hours
Private Tour
Per Group 2 Hours

Women of Amsterdam City Walking Tour

Learn the history of Amsterdam through the stories of the badass women who helped create it on this private walking tour. Throughout much of Amsterdam’s history, women had more freedom to act independently, and some took great advantage of it!

Badass Tours takes you to special sites in historic Amsterdam to tell stories of individual women who fought, wrote, calculated, and led to chart their course through Amsterdam’s chaotic and complicated past.

The stories include:

  • The old university and how the first female student changed the world
  • Rembrandtplein and the women-led riot that almost saved Amsterdam
  • The Royal Palace and the tale of the Stadhouder’s wife, who overplayed her hand
  • The Begijnhof and the drama of the countess who was called a nasty woman
  • Bloemenmarkt and the legend of the painter who capitalized on the tulip craze