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If there is one single thing that you must do in Amsterdam, this is it.


Hands down probably one of the best tours I’ve ever taken. It was incredible to see the city through the eyes of the strong and progressive women who have contributed to its growth over hundreds of years.

-The Academic Traveller

Elyzabeth knows how to captivate your attention and she is a great storyteller.

– The Amsterdamian

Customer Reviews

Really great tour!

"This tour is really worth going on during your stay. I've been on several city tours and this one really spanned the history of Amsterdam and gave a new twist on it! It was super interesting and took me to a couple of places I didn't know existed! Definitely put this on your list of things to do. You won't be disappointed!"

– Meredeth K. | TripAdvisor
Fantastic tour!

"This was such a great tour. The history of amsterdam comes alive with the stories she tells about specific people. A unique way (and more entertaining !!!) to learn and explore the city. Highly recommend.

– Sweet S. | TripAdvisor
Amazing inspirational experience!

"Two hours passed by so quickly as Elyzabeth went through amazing and inspirational stories bringing a whole new perspective to Amsterdam and history. She is so well read and passionate about the stories, makes you want to keep on asking questions and never stop learning!"

– Eev E. | TripAdvisor
A badass Gem!

"This tour is a hidden gem full of unique tales of some Badass Women of Amsterdam history. You won't find these women in every history, but Elyzabeth's love of history means she has verified it all. And her passion behind it all comes through as she relays the stories, ensuring that these women get their due. Highly recommend, especially if you want a tour that is not your average tourist experience."

– Meeshka P. | TripAdvisor

Badass Tours

Badass Tours shows you the history of Amsterdam through the stories of the hidden badasses who shaped it. This unique city developed around personal freedom and fostered revolutionary thinkers.

We currently offer private and group storytelling walks about the women of Amsterdam’s history and gay history walks. We’ll be adding Jewish history walks this fall.

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There are amazing stories hidden throughout history of Amsterdam.

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